Alfredo Bertuzzi
Jesus Gutierrez
Sebasti√°n Boaglio
National Award for Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design, FADEA - Saint Gobain Argentina
ASF+ House is a self-sufficient prototype designed for Santa Fe, Argentina, based on bioclimatic design strategies specific to the region. It focuses on energy and water conservation, utilizing renewable energy sources to achieve complete self-sufficiency, independent of municipal and regional systems.
The house consists of two main blocks: an intimate block and a social block, connected by a third block that includes service areas. The intimate and social blocks are aligned along an east-west axis to optimize solar orientation and cross ventilation. These blocks are united by the heart of the house, the Patio Climatizador, a central green space that regulates temperature and solar radiation, serving as the nucleus and focal point of the design.
Built using a dry, lightweight, modular Steel Frame system, the house is elevated and features a double roof system. This design creates shaded, floating blocks that allow air to flow freely beneath. The double roof is strategically angled for rainwater harvesting, solar collection, and wind conduction. Additionally, it is perforated to control the entry of sunlight into the house, creating various green spaces within the structure.

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