Kafemate Architects

Alfredo Bertuzzi
Claudio Arévalo
Green Haus reimagines modern living with its innovative design: a versatile, prefabricated, and transportable dwelling that prioritizes bioclimatic principles for year-round comfort without traditional energy consumption. Rooted in harmony with nature, it seamlessly integrates with surroundings while enhancing natural resources.
Its simple yet ingenious design, based on two rotating volumes, optimizes space and fosters functional living areas, interconnected by a central core. This core, oriented towards the sun, serves as a gateway between indoor and outdoor spaces, nurturing plant life, and regulating temperature throughout the seasons.
Practicality meets sustainability with Green Haus' modular construction, enabling easy transportation and on-site assembly, thereby reducing costs and construction time. This forward-thinking approach ensures that sustainable living is accessible to all.

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