AB12 is a dynamic creative studio specialising in visualisation and graphic design. We seamlessly blend elements of architecture, art, and design to bring your ideas to life in an innovative and artistic manner. Our work pushes the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, creating captivating visual experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level.
At AB12, we're more than a studio, we're a hub for creativity that blends architecture, art, and design to bring ideas to life through digital graphics. Based in vibrant Barcelona, Spain, we work locally and globally, collaborating with diverse experts. Our mission is to give exceptional ideas tangible form. Through our visualisations, we aim to turn innovative concepts into captivating art, all while prioritising sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Our vision is to revolutionise digital visualisation by infusing each project with artistic depth and sustainability. We aim to inspire change in our industry, setting a new standard of excellence that prioritises eco-conscious practices. At AB12, we thrive on pushing boundaries and embracing creative challenges, all while honouring our commitment to environmental stewardship.

We value collaboration and diversity. We believe that growth comes from embracing different perspectives. That's why we create an inclusive environment where every idea is valued and every collaboration is celebrated. By living these values, we not only do well in our work but also help build a sustainable future, nurturing both our creativity and our planet.
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