Pure Architecture

Alfredo Bertuzzi
Angela Yoo
Minimal, compact, and versatile, The Pods embraces modest design solutions and seeks to achieve a refined balance of simplicity, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.
This proposal consists of 13.5 sqm prefabricated modular pods, with a geometric roofing structure allowing for multiple configurations and incremental growth. Occupants begin with two main modules, the Dry and the Wet Pod. The first one provides a multifunctional and spacious interior for sleeping and recreational purposes. The latter consolidates the services areas: kitchen, bathroom, laundry and storage. Through the flexibility of the Connection Points, inhabitants can customise, evolve and transport their homes configuration according to their dynamic needs whilst harmonising with the landscape.
The Pods aim to ‘touch the earth lightly’ and be a sustainable medium between the inhabitants and their natural surroundings. From pre-fabrication to transportation to assembly, the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) enables an effortless user experience that is also cost and energy efficient. Passive heating and cooling design principles, integrated water harvesting and solar energy solutions, and recycled or locally sourced materials are utilised. In all, these micro-homes seek to quietly evoke a shift in the way we see, build and interact with our ever-changing built and natural environment.

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