Alfredo Bertuzzi
Federico Jaume
The entire ensemble, comprised of the space and the building, come together in harmony, following an organic form that responds to and blends with the topography, lake, and surrounding nature. Despite its distinctive structure, the morphology was designed to create an abstract organic space, achieved through a vast dry plaza and the predominant presence of metal in the building, contrasting with the greenery of the surroundings, unlike other areas of 'Parque del Sur'.
The building structure is entirely metallic and behaves in a tubular manner, allowing it to span large longitudinal distances and achieve considerable dimensions transversely, with minimal support points, as tension distribution is resolved on the sides. Inside, the combination of its form and materiality, along with the dynamic circulation, challenges visitors to explore, investigate, discover, and rediscover it.
The expansive dry plaza integrates with 'Parque del Sur' and 'Plaza de las Culturas', not only in terms of its design but also in its interaction with space and the diversity it brings to the park ensemble. This plaza includes outdoor exhibition areas that serve as an entrance point and invitation to the museum, with the additional goal of fostering a daily relationship between art and people, thereby improving coexistence in the environment.

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