AB12 Architecture

Alfredo Bertuzzi
In the heart of Valles Calchaquíes, Salta, Argentina, these innovative ideas for biomimetic houses give us a glimpse of how we might live sustainably in the future. These houses blend right in with their surroundings, showing respect for the local environment and culture.
Using the area's characteristic red earth and stones from nearby, each design takes cues from the plants and animals native to the region, artfully blending traditional techniques with modern sustainability practices. Thoughtfully oriented to harness optimal solar exposure and natural ventilation, these houses advocate bioclimatic principles, ensuring a balance of comfort and energy efficiency.
These concepts not only envision future homes but also serve as pioneering examples of diverse approaches to sustainable architecture, uniquely adapted to the extraordinary landscape of "Los Valles Calchaquíes". By embracing the symbiotic relationship between architecture, culture, and nature, these biomimetic houses embody a holistic ethos of sustainable living, fostering harmony and regeneration within their built environment.

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